She has been sitting on the chair made of a huge white rock for five minutes before his arriving.

The candals placed in the crown room radiates light beams into this sacred space.

In the center, a silver tree was planted thousands of years ago.

It's called the Origin, the origin of everything.

The leaves on it are silver either which are reflecting light from candals arround and creating a marvelous

halo man can barely stand when he senses the sanctity.

The branches spreaded out forming the roof of the room shinning in glory and the roots went deep into the earth
,no one can tell how far they have reached.

She sits quietly in this aura like nothing is moving not even the time.

Her face is beautiful beyone any language can describe, but what truly worthy is the wisdom kept inside.

The eyes are shut, however, a unicorn appears in her vision.

As if colored by the silver Origin, this holy animal has born silver, too.

Stepping powerfully but steadily, it represents supreme.

Blessed with grace and elegance, it is the perfect creature ever.

Patroling like a Emperor ruling his great kingdom, it brings unbreakable peace to the mother earth.

The ultimate image of pureness and strength, this is the Unicorn.

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