When do you want to leave,huh?

As time descending, it's over, settled down, SEALED!

When do you want to set it loose?

The sign reads "Stop right here, right where you are, get back and turn around, you moron!"


The shinning ear rings,long and black hair,

attractive face created under the showering moon light beam,

And the warm heart-beat reflecting the inner will never-ever be yours.

Are you following me now?

Got the idea?

Concrete fortress has been built.

Spears and swords are ready for you trespassing.

Shadows brought by clouds winded by screaming storms.

Imagination is good.

Truly, it gives all lives a dream to hold.

But no further.

Eliminate that what is creezy-crawling out from deserted land in your mind.

Remember this, buddy.

Keep sharp and walk tall.

With that, jungle of fresh-hunting beasts will do no harm.

You shall have your own world.

Have my admiration, we are twins after all.


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